Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Developer & Urban Planner

Complex DATA: Easy GOALS

    Charting cities, populations, and throughfares in preparation for tomorrow’s solutions.

    A City Planner Who Likes QGIS?

    A GIS expert managing geospatial data to support a variety of project and client needs. Performs programming, data analysis, or software development for GIS applications. an active contributor on YouTube’s online QGIS tutorials channel and Open Source community projects.

    Designed, promoted, or administered government plans or policies affecting land use, zoning, public utilities, community facilities, housing, or transportation. During my GIS career, I have sought opportunities to analyze situations accurately so effective plans of action could be developed and safely executed, establish good relationships with local residents, maintain GIS applications and procedures, as well as teach, train, and communicate GIS concepts to non-GIS users.

    A few of my recent successes include:

    • Developed a simplified, yet logical structure to update a client’s maps regarding travel time between two points and could be updated by downloading the latest data.
    • Offered a GIS application with zero licensing costs to clients as a viable alternative to applications requiring a substantial outlay for licensing, which saved customers, on average, from € 2.3K to € 3.3K.

    Skills & Endorsements

    • GIS Development
    • GEODatabase Management
    • Operational Focus
    • Map Analysis Processing
    • WebGIS Development
    • Video Training Production
    • Technical Acumen
    • Quality Assurance
    • Urban Planning
    • Aerial Drone Deployment


    Geomarketing Srl, GIS Developer, 2015-Present

    Manages the flows of applications in continuous delivery mode, monitors the software operation, and logs the activity of a more than 1K users.

    • Used method based on a scheme similar to the Agile method, which allowed the team to have a clearer vision of the project overall and significantly increased the quality of the delivered product.
    • Employed the PL/SQL language in constructing a database of 4M records, which covered all needs and resulted in 30 days of scheduled work being completed in 10.

    Freelancer, GIS Consultant, 2012-Present

    Acts as a webmaster and customizes web application development and training courses, including the basic fundamentals of GIS using QGIS and Postgres/PostGIS.

    • Manages digital mapping data and performs analyses to answer geographical questions by making maps deduced from analytical data for clients.
    • Created scripts with VB Script to automate data extraction functions from GIS, which saved numerous hours of routine data extraction and import.

    Monferrato Paesaggi, WebGIS Developer, 07/2014-10/2014

    Designed and executed applications used to support GIS data.

    • Developed and maintained enterprise web services that supported mobile solutions and robust internet applications.
    • Made presentations and demonstrations so that customers clearly understood the GIS application.

    Logos Loci, Urban Planner and Remote Sensing with Drones, 2012-2014

    Developed comprehensive plans and programs for use of land and physical facilities of jurisdictions, including towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas.

    • Created, prepared, or requisitioned graphic or narrative reports on land use data, including land area maps overlaid with geographic variables such as population density.
    • Reconstructed remote sensing information carried out using drone technology and OpenSource GIS software.

    VigerLAB, Urban Planner, 2007-2012

    Created maps and reports for land use and environment planning for public administration, including environmental, landscape, and territorial analyses of the Pedemontana Lombarda motorway.

    • Discussed with planning officials the purpose of land use projects, including transportation, conservation, residential, commercial, or community use.
    • Advised planning officials on project feasibility, cost-effectiveness, regulatory conformance, or possible alternatives.

    Freelancer, VBA Developer, 01/2007-03/2007

    Built VB prototypes and small scale applications, along with VBA scripts, in to automate Excel spreadsheets.

    • Employed development best practices and appropriate patterns to develop required software solutions.
    • Created an Access application for the management of drawings and the times of activities developed in a database format.

    Studio Franzosi, GIS Analyst, 2004-2007

    Analyzed geographical data working collaboratively with other staff members and communicating GIS concepts to non-GIS users.

    • Developed a system for the decision support of data from soil analyses to carry out a remediation of a polluted site to build residential structures.
    • Created a multimedia presentation of communication for administrative and private subjects with computer graphics processing in 3D for the representation of territory.